Infants and Mobile Infants

The perfect balance of quality childcare and education for your baby.

Our Teachers know that every baby is a special and unique individual created by the hands of God. We begin by getting to know each individual child’s daily routines: How often do they eat? What times do they prefer to nap? This information is used to customize each baby’s day at Sioux Falls First Learning Center. All of these daily routines in our Infant and Mobile Infant program are potential learning moments as our loving caregivers interact by talking, singing, and playing. At Sioux Falls First Learning Center, we make it easy-peasy for your baby to develop and grow, building one skill upon another. Our loving teachers encourage early learning through the five senses by providing new opportunities for your infant to touch, taste, smell, grab and listen to the world around them. Throughout the day, you will see the Infant teachers talk and sing with your child during feedings, diapering, and playtime to begin understanding language and conversation. Our experienced Infant Teachers create an individualized lesson plan which includes: tummy time, sensory activities, sign language, story time, and rhythm & music- to name a few.

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