Part Time PreSchool

Part time schedule with the same quality education program allows you to choose what works for your preschooler.

Our part time preschool program uniquely offers a quality preschool experience that is the perfect fit for many families. Students receive a preschool experience where learning is hands on and full of interaction. A modified curriculum focuses upon four main areas of child development, including:

  • Social/Emotional Development: This area includes goals for recognizing feelings and managing them appropriately, respecting the rights of others, and using thinking skills to solve conflicts.
  • Physical Development: The goals for this area of development include balancing while moving, coordinating eye-hand movement, and using tools for writing and drawing.
  • Cognitive Development: Exploring cause and effect, applying knowledge to a variety of experiences, and using numbers and counting are some goals from the cognitive area of development.
  • Language Development: This area includes goals for understanding and following oral directions, expression of wants and needs using words, participating in back and forth conversations, and demonstrating knowledge of the alphabet.

Part time preschool session and rates vary - contact the SFFLC office for details and availability

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